Engel Mayr - Sacred Cow (CD) (5871771943065)

Engel Mayr - Sacred Cow (CD)


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Engel Mayr (guitarist, producer and songwriter with Russkaja, Dorretta Carter, Hallucination Company, Percival Duke, among others) has recorded a snotty blues rock power trio album. Drums, bass, guitar and his voice - the classic formation of Hendrix, ZZ Top, Kings-X and Stevie Ray Vaughan.
10 refreshing new blues rock songs with an emphasis on “rock”. The well-known German specialist magazine “Guitar & Bass” described Engel Mayr's music as “Hendrix-inspired heavy funk” and is spot on! Songs like "Yeah" and "Praise The Sacred Cow" sound like Heavy Hendrix from the swamp while "Head Up" clearly hits the Texas blues rock notch a la ZZ Top.
The album was recorded in just one day and you can hear the spontaneity and joy of playing in the songs. Together with Werner Laher (Stella Jones, Semino Rossi, Rounder Girls,...) on bass and Mario Stübler (Russkaja, Vereinigte Bühnen Wien,...) on drums, the studio must have exploded with fun making music that day!

2. Praise The Sacred Cow
3. Heads up
5. Here We Are
6. Turn it up
7. Supernatural
8. Another way
9. Run From You