Eva Niedermeier - Lagerfeuerfrust (CD) (5871816867993)

Eva Niedermeier - Campfire Frustration (CD)


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Grew up between cows and cake. between Bergen and Bussis. as the daughter of a farmer and a farmer's wife. and as a sister. Eva started early to record what she had experienced, told, imagined and dreamed about in words, rhymes and lines. the attempt to put feelings on paper ended in poems, songs and aphorisms. playing with the words and the playful melodies, profound themes are brought up almost trivially.
The twenty-two-year-old sings and talks about betrayal, death, desperation and burnt polaroids. of hotel beds and farewells, of the morning after and above all of the evening before. and of stories. of people and destinies, of what is felt and what is repressed, she usually accompanies herself with the guitar. a few chords, a few plucked strings.
When Hannes and Stefan came, the music came with them. the piano came, the bass, the ideas and possibilities, new wishes and dreams. it was recorded and rehearsed, concerts were played and smoked on window sills, people laughed and failed. the recordings took shape. With "Lagerfeuerfrust" a handmade album was created in three years, which was produced in cellars and kitchens, drawn with pen and paper, and in which the bass drum was played by hand lying on the floor. somewhere between singer/songwriter, poetry recital, indie pop and gstanzl.
"The high and the fast is not so much in my blood" sings Eva in "When I grow up". and so she sings with a calm, reserved voice about reduced arrangements. Piano, acoustic guitar, ukulele, a vintage Casio keyboard, acoustic bass, glockenspiel, metallophone.

1. The other
2. When I grow up
3. Occasionally accidentally
4. Stay
5. Quarter past four
6. All the best
7. I would be there
8. Calm after the storm
9. Campfire Frustration
10. Kalle plus Susanne