Evantgarde - Bling Blang (CD) (5871797567641)

Evantgarde - Bling Blang (CD)


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"The genre? I call it MUSIC! Not in the mood for the target group!” After many years of making music in theaters and in other contexts, the Hamburg composer and lyricist Eva Engelbach (aka “Die Hofkomponistin”) founded the band Evantgarde in 2017 and thus returned to her roots: making music around the music sake.
Nevertheless, the influences of theater and art are clearly noticeable and have added new expressive possibilities to the way of their songwriting. Somewhere between psychedelic fairground music and crooked pop song - with English and German lyrics with depth and ironic wit and free-flowing melodies, Evantgarde is what Deutschlandfunk once called "wild growth in pop music uniformity". The penchant for happy, carefree genre, meter and harmony changes is characteristic of Evantgarde, which doesn't mean that Evantgarde pursues "l'art pour l'art": Many songs are real catchy tunes, which also distinguishes them. And: It's not just the lyrics that have depth!
In Evantgarde, in addition to the contrabass, electric bass and cello, the very rare contrabass flute is also made to vibrate! Eva: "Evant-garde is completely unhip and that's why it's sexy: Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a fan of weird tones and rhythms, but that I'm further away from free jazz or so-called new music than anything else. No, I like it melodic , but stand up for five eighths. I love surprises, but I still like to sway extensively in the waltz step. And in all of this, the focus is always on the text, whether in English or German. And of course what is it about? Oh wonder, it's about love! And actually always! Surprised myself when I have such a nasty tongue at times!”

01 The moment floods me
02 Bling Blang
03 It means nothing to you
04 Green rest
05 If We Were Lovers
06 Abracadabra
07 You're just scared
08 That must be love
09 Autumn Flowers
10 Lily's Song
11 Rough is the Sea (Live)
12 All days