Ewian - Good Old Underground (CD) (5871705522329)

Ewian - Good Old Underground (CD)


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Ewian was created in March 2013 by German composer Ewian Christensen. He is responsible for the vocals, the piano, the sound composition and most of the songwriting. Their latest album - "Good Old Underground" - is the result of an international collaboration between Ewian (Bonn, Germany), post-rock artist James Hrabak (Chicago, USA), Chinese-born electronic artist Fifi Rong (London, England) , dark pop producer Clemens Engert (Vienna, Austria), and guitarist Benjamin Lachance Nuremberg, Germany).
Stylistically, Ewian falls somewhere between The Cooper Temple Clause, Placebo and Radiohead. Typical of Ewian's "sound" are an energetic wall of sound, distorted piano sounds, noisy guitars, bittersweet vocal melodies and sustained string passages.
Ewian Christensen was born in Latvia and received classical music training at an early age. As a teenager he discovered his love for experimental music and took part in various music projects in the alternative scene. It was also around this time that he met Benjamin Lachance, with whom he continues to make music to this day. Both are marked by an affinity for deep and archetypal themes, which has contributed significantly to Ewian's style today. "Good Old Underground" deals with issues on the fringes of society and those who live in it.

01 My Dear Dead Memory
02 Good Old Underground
03 Escape
04 The Last Poem
05 Black Star
06 Zampano (Alien Hand Syndrome Remix)
07 We Are Not Afraid to Die
08 Looper (Slack Armada Remix)
09 Newborn
10 When I Was Dead feat. Fifi Rong