Ewian - We Need Monsters (CD) (5871723380889)

Ewian - We Need Monsters (CD)


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With their second album "We Need Monsters", the band's fourth release, Ewian continue to develop their sound. Typical elements such as distorted e-piano sounds, fragile-bittersweet vocals and the guitar playing that emphasizes the "wall of sound" are used again here. While Ewian worked together with artists outside Germany on their debut, such as Fifi Rong (London) or James Hrabak (USA), the duo now concentrates 100% on their own sound on the follow-up album.
"We Need Monsters" is not a concept album, but thematically it deals with the projection of a psychological defense mechanism - the album title was chosen based on this. In order to adequately transform indie into a structure of music and text, Ewian deliberately do not limit their stylistic scope, but rather accept the risk of losing the "homogeneity" that many propagate - spherical shoegaze, indie hooks or noise rock - elements are celebrated just as much as post-rock.
After "We Need Monsters" Ewian will first take an artistic break and focus on live performances in 2016 to present their new work to the listener.

01 Ticket From Kingdom Come
02 Beautiful Lie
03 Star
04 Song For The Psychonauts
05 Sweet Swan
06 monsters
07 Quiet Like In Heaven
08 Someday
09 Fagile Ghost
10 Love