Fabian von Wegen - Osnabrück (Maxi Single CD) (5871726297241)

Fabian von Wegen - Osnabrück (Maxi Single CD)


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"Osnabrück, you horny pig!" - Finally someone says it like it is! The Osnabrück musician and postmodern troubadour Fabian von Wegen is a fan of the city. And the time is ripe for a new song that has the potential for a real, proper city anthem that sings far more than the much-cited Osnabrück happiness!
Charming and in a good mood, Fabian von Wegen sings about his adopted country: “Yes, we are the city of peace and yes, love happens here. Yes, the sun shines here, even if it only rains here.” Local patriotic self-adulation? Yes, of course, but: With heart and a casual matter-of-factness with a sense of humor at the same time! "There, where love falls, there is never Bielefeld"... of course not. The song is bursting with positive energy.
Musically, it spans an arc between pop, hits and songwriting, framed by a peaceful swaying manner. The chorus? - You have to sing along. You can't help it. Attention, danger of earworms! It doesn't hurt, it's good. Oh yes, and, “...who was Berlin again? - You, I don't care. Osnabrooklyn, I'm in love. And you are the first choice. We are all Osnabrück". We say: A must for all Osnabrück residents.

01 Osnabrueck (Radio Edit)
02 Osnabrück (Brass Band Version)
03 Osnabrueck (Songwriter Version)
04 Osnabrueck (Karaoke Version)
05 Osnabrück (poem version)