Fady Maalouf feat. C’est Lena! - Wenn es still um uns wird… (Maxi Single CD) (5871690776729)

Fady Maalouf feat. C'est Lena! - When it gets quiet around us... (Maxi Single CD)


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Fady Maalouf & C'est Lena!: Two voices like velvet and silk that captivate the listener and never let go. Their sound works like a drug. Celena & Fady got to know and appreciate each other at a festival of their label TIMEZONE in May 2013 and are now presenting their first single together "If it's quiet around us...".
We can be very excited to see where the musical journey will lead and hope with all our hearts that things won't get quiet about the two of them!

01 When it gets quiet around us...
02 gold and feathers
03 Shadows
04 Trouble