Fady Maalouf - Indigo (CD) (5871764340889)

Fady Maalouf - Indigo (CD)


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For Fady Maalouf, the passion for music, especially singing, always came first. In his earliest childhood he sang in the church choir and as a young adult decided to study classical singing. Music helped him express his emotions and creativity.
Fady made his musical TV debut in 2008 on the DSDS TV format and, as a finalist, not only won over his fans but also the Sony Music Columbia record label, which signed him. Sony BMG produced the single "Blessed" in the summer of 2008, as well as an album of the same name. The single and the album each entered the German charts at number 2.
The album "City of Gold" followed in 2012 with a very organic sound. Two years ago, Fady returned to his passion, opera, and rediscovered his powerful countertenor voice under the professional guidance of his vocal coach Andreas Talarowski. Without neglecting his knowledge of pop, he has been training this pitch ever since, creating a bridge between two worlds and expanding the range of his voice.
This own path, his attachment to the Christian faith and the endeavor not to set any limits for himself, finally led Fady to "Indigo", his fourth CD, a mixture of classical sounds, pop and soft electro. This extraordinary project contains newly produced arias, as well as his own compositions with spiritual content, such as the French "Our Father" and the Arabic "Ave Maria". opens up to this music.

01 Lascia ch'io pianga
02 Notre Pere
03 Swan Lake Theme
04 Hail Mary
05 Nessun Dorma
06 Indigo