Falk - Nie wieder allein (CD) (5871797928089)

Falk - Never Alone Again (CD)


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A few words are not enough to describe the songs from Falk's debut EP "Nie wieder Alone". It's a handful of mainstream with a healthy dose of pop and a pinch of rock, all resulting in an earthy mature sound.
Falk's lyrics are direct - sometimes edgy and sometimes straight and full of heart and soul in every single line.
And yet, or perhaps because of this, his songs manage without the song poet phrases so often used today. This is joined by magnificent melodies that form a harmonious duo with the lyrics and merge into real song pearls. In short: Falk not only tells stories from - from his - life, but has "bared himself musically". Pure self-processing by turning the inside out.

01 Never alone again
02 silence
03 We're celebrating the old days
04 Come on
05 Everything is wonderful
06 Never Alone Again (Remix)