Falk Zenker - Wellentanz (CD)

Falk Zenker - Wave Dance (CD)


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For his latest album "Wellentanz", guitarist, composer and sound artist Falk Zenker was inspired by dancing and at the same time created space-giving music that invites you to dance, let yourself be moved and dream away. His individual virtuoso fingerstyle meets the sound aesthetics of loop-based club music between downbeat, trance, funk, folk rock and worldbeats.
With this production, Zenker pushes his art of live looping to the extreme, which he, as the first German acoustic guitarist, has consistently celebrated and refined on stage in more than 1500 solo concerts for 25 years. He elicits unexpected percussive and partly electronically alienated sounds from his guitar and lets them dance together in the form of orchestral, psychedelic, pulsating sound structures. In such loops, finely balanced in the studio, he integrates improvisational moments from recordings of various live and online performances, thus combining audiophile studio production with the immediacy of a concert.
The video productions for all tracks impressively show how Zenker is able to spontaneously conjure up this sophisticated sound firework live on stage with hands and feet - produced exclusively in the moment with guitar, electronic effects, a loop machine and lots of atmospheric improvisations.
After a gentle opening, the tracks lead us into the archaic power of the forest, let us unite lightly with our shadows, move us dreamily on the waves of polyrhythmic 3-beats in the title piece, kidnap us into a powerful autumn-golden trance, drive us once again to the joyful one Move on and finally release with a meditative finish.
Anyone who likes to move to pictorial music should enjoy this album - real or just in their minds, together or alone, for self-awareness in a dance meditation or for inspiration in everyday life.

01 Invitation
02 In the Forest
03 Shadow Plays
04 Wave Dance
05 Dance in October
06 Onwards [Onwards]
07 Back with Me