Fido Plays Zappa - Atlantis And Elsewhere (12“ Vinyl) (12" Vinyl-Album) (5964930285721)

Fido Plays Zappa - Atlantis And Elsewhere (2x 12" vinyl album)

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For fifteen years now, the Swiss formation Fido Plays Zappa has dedicated itself to the impressive oeuvre of the brilliant musical grandmaster Frank Zappa (1940-1993), the group paid tribute to the American enfant terrible on six albums to date and with countless, always sold-out live shows throughout Europe their musical tribute.
On the now available double album "Atlantis & Elsewhere", the recordings of which were recorded during their two tours through Germany and Switzerland last year, the eight-piece band once again dives deep into the compositionally and lyrically insane cosmos of the incomparable musician, composer and provocateur and presents fourteen selected works from his artistic oeuvre.
FPZ always proceed in a stylish, humorous, virtuoso manner and with great autonomy in the interpretative approach, the perfectly attuned musicians celebrate their irrepressible passion for Zappa's music, seek (and find) FPZ improvisational freedom and skilfully use the musical diversity and compositional humor of the originals, including classics like »Inca Roads«, »San Berdino«, »Uncle Remus«, »Montana«, »Cosmik Debris« or »Brown Shoes Dont Make It«.

01 Andy
02 Inca Roads
03 Dirty Love/Magic Fingers

01 San Ber'dino
02 flakes
03 Jewish Princess

01 Evelyn, A Modified Dog
02 Bobby Brown Goes Down
03 Echidna's Arf
04 Uncle Remus
05 Montana

01 Brown Shoes Don't Make It
02 Cosmic Debris
03 sofa no. 2