No Future war gestern! – Filmkomödie (DVD) (5906921881753)
No Future war gestern! – Filmkomödie (DVD) (5906921881753)

No future was yesterday! – Comedy Movie (DVD)


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Miri Klemt was once Germany's new rock hope. But the music career failed and so Miri starts as a teacher at the Johann-Bernhard-Basedow-Gymnasium. With her fresh, slightly clumsy nature, she quickly wins the hearts of her students and stirs up the staff. Because only broken instruments are available for her music lessons, she asks the father of her student Julius for a donation. Instead of helping, the father publicly embarrasses Miri. After his son has an accident with a stolen motorcycle, he flees to Miri, who is finally caught between all stools. When everything seems to be getting back on track, the police show up at the school with a ransom note. Has Julius been kidnapped?

Release date: March 17, 2016 (Germany)
Director: Rivka Schimmelpfeng
Music composed by: Heiner Lürig
Screenplay: Stephan Guddat
Producers: Andreas Barthel, Susi Duhme
Camera: Bernhard Wohlmacher, Andreas Barthel