Finn Ritter - Orter (CD) (5871799959705)

Finn Ritter - Orter (CD)


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Finn Ritter, Hamburg singer/songwriter from Berlin, but not a songwriter. Pop but not popular. Secret hit: "Barbara Schöneberger" from his first album "Everything at the beginning". There was a festival prize for the best song for that, even if he wouldn't write it like that anymore today. But sometimes they sing.
Instead: new, different songs on his new album "Orter". Beatles and Bowie, Reiser and Regener, "A Hazy Shade Of Winter" and "A Color Of Spring". Everything in German, but no German pop and certainly no singer-songwriter...

01 Looking at seven years
02 locators
03 Man of small steps
04 flow
05 Goodbye Rolling Stone
06 Because you are
07 to Bullerbü
08 About/I
09 mountains
10 Be there
11 letter to me
12 New day