Finner - The Seaside Stories (CD) (5871695102105)

Finner - The Seaside Stories (CD)


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After more than ten years with his indie band Everlaunch, countless international tours, festival appearances (including Hurricane, Southside, Highfield) and two successful album releases, Finner felt the need to write his own songs. While he always had to come to a democratic agreement on musical matters at Everlaunch, the songs of his solo debut “The Seaside Stories” are exclusively penned by him.
Musically, the songs move between modern folk, singer-songwriter, very occasional, light Americana influences and indie pop. A lot of acoustics can be heard there, only rarely loud guitars and above all Finner's distinctive voice, which sometimes breaks new ground on his solo debut. There is great versatility and unusual instruments to discover.
However, Finner's versatility is also evident in other artistic areas, which he knows how to combine with music. The passionate Polaroid photographer included a beautiful, hand-picked one-off Polaroid as a goodie with some of the first edition CDs!

01 Lost in the sea
02 Stormy skies
03 Oh Wanderlust!
04 Into a trap
05 Brotherly love
06 Don't get me wrong
07 Barricade
08 Mr Ferryman
09 Diggin' in the past
10 The bearded man
11 Halfway
12 Going home