Firlefanz und Grete - Maulaffenfeil (CD)

Frippery and Grete - Maulaffenfeil (CD)


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What could be nicer than selling muzzle monkeys? So many things invite you to be amazed and offered FIRLE material for new songs, which can now finally be heard on this new FIRLEFANZ UND GRETE CD. If you want to know what zoo animals do after closing time and where storks and astronauts like to fly, what Smurf ice cream balls have in common with pulling pigtails, where monsters hide and what fairy tales are called, you should take your time and listen to the songs that FIRLEFANZ AND GRETE celebrate in the tried and tested line-up.
(And  This time too, one euro per CD goes to an important child support agency: the Dresden children's hospice association.)

01 astronaut
02 Fairy Tale Riddle Song
03 muzzle file
04 boys girls
05 Monsters
06 love song
07 Everyone is the same
08 I'm not tired at all
09 crash
10 My brother is a star (for B. and A.)
11 The cuckoo and the donkey
12 Stork Helmut
13 Closing time at the zoo
14 The Earth
15 Tommy should go on the potty
You don't say 16 shit
17 Lullaby (for Rufus and Levin)