Flautando Köln - Kaleidoskop (CD) (5871800877209)

Flautando Cologne - Kaleidoscope (CD)


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Anyone who knows Flautando Cologne already knows that every concert and every CD is a little adventure that surprises and amazes. With their impressive collection of recorders, the four musicians don't stop at the pure recorder repertoire, but always take on other works, which show completely new facets in a new sound and sometimes literally blow you away.
With "Kaleidoskop" Flautando Köln now shows the whole range of their skills and repertoire. Starting with ale-soaked Anglo-Saxon tunes that seem to come straight from the pub to the intricate, virtuoso music of Ligeti, the four savor what's possible. So the kaleidoscope on this CD keeps turning and surprises again and again with new (sound) colors and genres. Great fun to keep turning this kaleidoscope...

01 Red House
02 Never Love Three More
03 An Italian Rant (Diminution Baltimore Consort)
04 Sicut cervus desiderant, Psalm 42
05 Hayriye'nin boyu uzun
06 Yarim gitti cesmeye
07 Aman avci vurma beni
08 Daglar gibi dalgalari
09 Allegro con Spirito
10 Allegro Grazioso
11 Presto Ruvido
12 Adagio Mesto
13 Molto Vivace. capriccioso
14 A knight in Reuental