Flexkögel - America (CD) (5871787802777)

Flexkoegel - America (CD)


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Ideas come from playing. Sometimes you don't need programmatic at all to do something programmatic anyway. Because the ideas are in the air. They hover around us day in and day out. If we want and are able, all we have to do is catch them. We don't have to do anything other than set our antennas to receive, the rest takes care of itself. That's what happened to singer Britta-Ann Flechsenhar and guitarist Christian Kögel, who have also been on the road as Flexkögel for more than a decade and a half. Their third album begins like the soundtrack to an urban film noir that plays with our anticipatory memory. There must have been something ahead of us.
In the combination of lightness and casualness, they gain the freedom to do with the songs what is important to them, without losing their humility in front of the originals. It is all amber and yet not at all. Last but not least, the texts of "West Side Story", love and violence against the background of the fight between two enemy gangs in New York at the end of the 1940s, allow many parallels to life in major European cities, especially Flexkögel's hometown Berlin.
With bassist Paul Kleber and drummer Hans Otto, Britta-Ann Flechsenhar and Christian Kögel jump joyfully, sensually and self-confidently beyond all outer limits of jazz and pop and put their very own stamp on their living environment. Music that not only invites you to listen, but to be there and participate. A piece of awakening while pausing.

1. Intro/Cool
2. Some Other Time
3. somewhere
5. A Boy Like That
6. Something's Coming
7. Around The Corner
9. Tonight
10. Jet Song