Florian Brandl - Rejuvenation (CD) (5871716532377)

Florian Brandl - Rejuvenation (CD)


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Rejuvenation - rejuvenation, refreshment - is one of Florian Brandl's own compositions, which determines the concerts of this Munich jazz quartet, and serves as a musical idea.
On their CD debut, the four musicians play intensive and energetic music full of youthful freshness and lightness. Role models from hard bop, mainstream and modern jazz cannot be ignored and flow into an individual band sound, which above all gives a lot of space to the interaction between the musicians who love to play.

01 Second Coffee
02 Boraros ter
03 Winter In June
04 Quaderno
05 rejuvenation
06 Sicilian girl
07 Love Song
08 Dis-oriented
09 Big Breath
April 10 crap