Florian Glässing - Alte Liebe (CD) (5871801696409)

Florian Glässing - Old Love (CD)


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love is a sea And we get thrown in there, learn to swim and do the seahorse. Or not. Sometimes we sink into it because we have an emotional backpack on our backs that pulls us down. But sometimes it is possible to slip off the rucksack and feel how another force gently lifts us up into the light.
Florian's Glässings songs are about how that works. His music is voluptuous and gets down to business. She relies on sincerity and intimacy, fragile harmonies and clear poetic texts. As in a good poem, you discover new facets in a Glässing song even after the tenth hearing - and before you know it, he's a loyal friend who you like to think of.
Florian was discovered by the song poet Tom Liwa in the late 90s when he organized a concert with Liwa. Under the pretext that the announced support (which was of course never requested) was prevented, he himself appeared in the opening act. As a result, the two play countless concerts together and record the album "Lopnor" (Normal Records, 2002), about which the intro wrote: "This is a sensational album. Point."
In 2011, Glässing met singer/songwriter Desiree Klaeukens and co-wrote and produced the songs for her critically acclaimed debut, Wenn die Nacht obscures den Tag (Wallpaper Records, 2014). At the same time, he is now working on his own music again and in 2016 he released the EP "Wo der Schatz lies".
During the last two years he finally produced the longplayer "Alte Liebe": ten wildly romantic songs in which he deals with futile love and injured masculinity, dressing indie folk in jazzy-pop robes - and in the end everything with a fine one Sprinkled with a pinch of Americana.

01 Show me who you are
02 The way I live
03 Our movie
04 On the run
05 In my heart
06 Every time
07 Carry on in my place
08 The sky
09 It's easy