Flow.Experience - Don’t Say ... The Collection (CD) (5906917720217)

Flow.Experience - Don't Say... The Collection (CD)


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Professor Mihály Csíkszentmihályi discovered a form of creative passion in 1975, which he defined as the "flow experience". In this state, there is complete harmony between the emotions and the mind.
So be careful: This sound acts like a drug. Massy and DJ Andorian, successful producers and remix references of both big eighties cult hits ("Fade to Grey") and modern chart-breaker themes (Thomas D's "Mark D"), know how to sing a song. Laughed at in the late 1990s for enjoying the cult sound of the 1980s, you stuck to it and are now teaching your critics otherwise.
On this album they have put together their self-composed favorite tracks into a varied collection somewhere between Massive Attack and Starlight Express and are now finally making them public. The collection includes 12 tracks, 10 of which are previously unreleased, plus 2 remixes.

01 Give me a sign
02 Say
03 Just one man
04 Stars over Brooklyn
05 Sweet lover
06 You blow
07 Sound of devotion
08 sunshine
09 Fade to grey
10 My way
11 Fly with me
12 Don't say
13 Fly With Me (Club Remix)
14 Don't Say (Introspective Version)