Francis Aeol - Assisting Fortune (CD) (5871750414489)

Francis Aeol - Assisting Fortune (CD)


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Almost eight years have passed since the debut “Readings Of Lethargy”. Francis Aeol looked at things within his reach and examined them piece by piece. The result is a warm, fringing maturity that is accompanied by the feeling of a mudflat hike. “Assisting Fortune” is the name of the almost four-month phase in the life of the singer/songwriter. In a few steps and concrete, clear arrangements, the listener is led through the rigging of an uneven deck to the bow, and in the process increasingly perceives the feeling of his own freedom of action.
From rainy car rides on the highway of lost owners, in which the protagonist deals with the left behind parts of his life circumstances ("Lost Property Highway"), to the fictional idea of ​​what can grow from a well-intentioned gesture ("Random Act Of Kindness") , this work is very close to the title.
In the home studio (Local Leftovers), the versatile artist has once again dealt with the promises and slips of the tongue of the possible interpretations of being. In "Finders Keepers" a place that is inaccessible to strangers is created, which promises the safety and security that a wandering biography worth protecting has earned. Then, when it is safe outside again, the return can be considered. Together with a judgmental, negative self-image, "Beautiful Boy" sings about an intrapsychic discussion about the fact that one should have had doubts about others.
Between light-footed piano runs, supporting strings, double bass, mandolin, banjo and percussion in the style of a safe companion, the daydreaming of 'would be - could have - could' is hidden. "Maybe I" as a piano ballad stands next to the duet "Random Act Of Kindness" and flows into "A Maze In Greys" as a spray-dividing element of the regrettable melodramatics of the wayward son. Between affirmation, transformation and the caressing of the comforter, the imprint of a kiss of hope remains faded on the hold of the caravel of conscience.

1. Say Something
2. Lost Property Highway
3. Maybe I
4. Finders Keepers
5. Next Of Kin
6. Assisting Fortune
7. Beautiful boy
8. Random Act Of Kindness
9. Foreign State (Of Altered Consciousness)
10. A Maze In Grays