Franky von Tide - Mit Dir (CD)

Franky von Tide - With You (CD)


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At a time when a global Covid-19 pandemic is raging, we feel restricted in our personal freedoms by social distancing and more or less strict regulations, when we have to cope with a climate crisis, the gap between the poor and Reich is getting bigger and bigger, radical thoughts are being expressed more frequently and louder and in which selfishness seems to be increasing more and more, the Berlin singer & songwriter Franky von Tide releases his third album. And it says of all things:  "Mit Dir". "Mit Dir": that's the name of the second track of the album. But anyone who now thinks that this song alone was decisive for the album title is hugely mistaken. Unfortunately, as is often the case in these times, it would only be half the truth and far too short-sighted. That: “With you” stands for much more than meets the eye! But when the last note of this album has faded away, you know why it has to be called "Mit Dir".
As with his first albums: "Seemannslust" and "Du bist der Grund", the artist was inspired by life itself. True to the motto: "That's how life writes and sets music to music", he keeps developing new ideas for rock and pop songs that let the listener feel how honestly he stands behind his music and his lyrics. And maybe that's exactly the reason why his music is so touching!

01 Show yourself
02 with you
03 Everything that makes you special
04 Is it still possible?
05 Get me out of here
06 I won't let it spoil my day
07 Tamara is dancing
08 Daisies Meadow
09 past
10 I can't keep quiet
11 If I were as great as you
12 Like a candle
13 optimists
14 "The World Hit" (Bonus Track)