Fratelli Vaienti - Figure It Out (CD) (5871760638105)

Fratelli Vaienti - Figure It Out (CD)


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The sibling duo Fratelli Vaienti convinces with their honest and down-to-earth acoustic rock, which ranges from soulful ballads to snotty rock songs. The self-written songs written by the singer Emilie Vaienti, which are then refined with the guitar playing of her brother Dominik Vaienti, are about people, situations and experiences.
Some songs, such as the song "Tooth for a tooth" with its highly topical socio-critical topic, hit the nerve of the time and get under your skin. The two siblings understand each other without many words, pursue the same goals and ideas with their music and thus always pull together. The debut album "Figure It Out" tells in its 14 songs about life, fear of failure, lovesickness, jealousy, monotony, sadness, love and coming home.

01 banisters
02 Figure It Out
03 Under Her League
04 This World
05 If The Rain Stops
06 Innocent Child
07 Same Old Story