Fräulein Ingrid aus Stockholm - Junge mit Syndrom (CD) (5871805005977)

Miss Ingrid from Stockholm - Boy with Syndrome (CD)


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The three musicians Frank von Phorn, Fist Asmussen and Mats Malades have known each other since they were young together in Stockholm. There they played independently in different bands.
As part of their German studies in North Rhine-Westphalia, Frank and Mats decided in mid-2011 to make music with German lyrics together. Fist, who was actually only a substitute drummer, smelled so good that he quickly became a regular member. Since then, they have taken the style of "post-coital worker pop" to completely new dimensions and like to play live as "a good mood wagon".

01 No way too far
02 teenagers
03 Selfie
04 plastic bag
05 Nice
06 Love Me Tinder
07 train to you
08 Your League
09 Not my day
10 applause for my brain
11 beer song