Fräulein Ingrid aus Stockholm - Loser willst du Sex? (CD)

Miss Ingrid from Stockholm - Loser do you want sex? (CD)


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In a long-forgotten age, deep in the Scandinavian forests on the edge of Brunnsviken lived a young girl. Her heart was filled with a curse of deep sadness. She roamed the woods day after day in search of salvation, but could find no relief. So one day she sat down by a forest lake, determined to put an end to her joyless existence. "Oh, if only there were something in my life that drove this deep sadness out of my heart!" she sighed and took the first step into the water. The forest lake became restless and roared, and on its shore three fir trees were swaying in the wind. They were already threatening to be uprooted when three stately bodies arose from their mighty trunks, the finest hair that the sun has ever shone on from their needles and three magnificent cones dangled, it was a joy. The girl was startled at the sight of the three figures, but they called out to her: "Don't grieve, dear lady. We have come to carry happiness into your heart with our songs." And they began to sing, and the girl's breast filled with joy she had never known, immense as the morning dew on the meadows and in the woods. From him Day after day she lived a life full of confidence and contentment, full of happiness and pleasure.
And in the woods, from time to time, you could still hear the echoes of this music, which lightens people's hearts.
This is the legend of Miss Ingrid from Stockholm, passed down from generation to generation for many ages. Some claim that the three bringers of joy still roam the woods today, bringing comfort and reassurance to the sorrowful. Still others claim to have seen them on Facebook and Instagram.

01 dr irabu
02 More guitar - less face
03 millionaire
04 Me and my car
05 Fixed in the moment
06 philistines
07 Youporn
08 Today
10 loser do you want sex?
11 Too fast too much
12 case dead
13 Annika