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Recreational Pilots - Flying (CD)


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Steffen Schiller alias - Steffen von Schiller, is a guitarist and singer who played as a guest in countless bands, also on the big stages of the world, collected a bag of experiences, for example in the band VERWEGEN, many positive but also other experiences from these years.
His goal was always to create his own songs and present them to the audience, he quickly realized how difficult and easy it was at the same time. Von Schiller no longer wanted to accompany the music of other musicians.
In 1999 von Schiller made a rigorous cut and ended all work as a guest musician.
He founded the band VERWEGEN, which ambushed the audience with hard, rough songs. Von Schiller played about 600 concerts with VERWEGEN in 6 years. In 2006 von Schiller set up his own production company with his own studio and label, but he always missed being close to the audience in his work. So he founded VERWEGEN in 2010, unfortunately the line-up of musicians changed several times in the years that followed. In 2019 von Schiller founded DIE FREIZEITPILOTEN as an additional band to create music close to the mainstream.
During the FREIZEITPILOTEN's studio work, the topic of new songs and lyrics kept coming up, how does something actually come about? From Schiller: Even as a student, I always had a piece of paper and a pen in my pocket. Even today I walk down the street, look at people, what they are doing, just look around my world and the songs gush out of me like a waterfall. That's how the song WENN ES TOMORROW came about, for example.
It was summer and I was returning from a European tour with my band VERWEGEN from the airport in Cologne. Dropped off another musician in Erfurt and drove into the sunrise at dawn, saw people coming out of their houses and a hustle and bustle on the streets. I grabbed a piece of paper & pen and wrote the lyrics to the song while driving on the steering wheel WHEN IT COMES TOMORROW!!! This is how many texts and melodies came about, but the one with the steering wheel is not recommended for imitation, because writing while driving......!
It's actually quite simple, says von Schiller, go through your world with open eyes and ears and you will find the words and melodies that accompany your musical work. Stefan Höppner has been rocking with the FREIZEITPILOTEN on BASS & VOCALS for a few years now, in life it's always by chance that you get to know each other, like Stefan, like von Schiller! Stefan also played in a lot of bands, especially in Canada but also in old Germany from time to time. Musically, the two fit together very well, because Stefan has also worked through the entire spectrum of the rock business in his musical life.
Sven Finster serves the drums, he has been with the Freizeitpiloten since the beginning of 2020, musically he is almost a newcomer, which is also good for the band, because he is little influenced by other styles & so open to everything NEW!

01 Never say never
02 Again and again
03 Airmen say hello to the sun
04 When morning comes
05 Heart of Gold
06 Dance your dream with me
07 We are born to be free
08 1234567
09 Above the clouds
10 wishes are there to wish
11 Icarus
12 Landing in the desert