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Friend of Anton - Flood (CD)


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Friend of Anton is the return or rebirth of the realistic song poet, the pianist who loves his instrument while smashing it, the singer who sings like it's always his last song. And when the harmonica sounds, you feel like you're in a different time.
Friend of Anton sits between many chairs (he's been compared to young Leonard Cohen, Randy Newman and Ben Folds) and yet on his own. Rooted in traditional songwriting, everything keeps breaking up, escalating, becoming different, brand new and present. Rock'n'Roll in the spirit of the avant-garde. Big city poetry that doesn't look away. A voice without vanity, committed only to what is. Freund von Anton is 20 years old and has already won many prizes (including the national competition at the Berlin Festival) and has composed for film and theater (including the Deutsches Schauspielhaus and the Ernst Deutsch Theater). But what are prices? Every evening, every song is crucial. And nothing else.
The album called Flut. A name that stands as a picture over the whole album. Flood as something unpredictable, uncompromising, uncontrollable, direct. It's an album that's less a mere string of songs and more like a painting, in which you can appreciate individual aspects but only appreciate the whole in the end. Or a book in which you may particularly like individual chapters, but which ultimately only unfolds its effect when you have read it from beginning to end. Flut is an album full of stories, put together into one big story. The story of Anton's friend. "Take the spirit that betrays me, I just need a voice to carry me" (Wolves)
The album is personal, intimate, direct, minimalist, reduced, undisguised. A voice and a piano, once also a harmonica. What Anton's friend is, what he wants to say, that's what the album is too. Recorded in a week in spring 2016 in a small studio in Hamburg-Altona by Dinesh Ketelsen, who has already worked with artists such as Niels Frevert and Wolfgang Müller. It is an album that has perhaps never existed before in its uncompromising nature. An album apart from all the current major pop productions, an album for the music alone.

1st flood
2. Stay
3. Wolves
4. Noise
5. You believe
6. Dwell
7. The one you're looking for
8. The vastness
9. Morning in the country
10. One of those
11. Last song