Friedel Geratsch & Adi Hauke - Lustige Zeiten (CD) (5871831646361)

Friedel Geratsch & Adi Hauke ​​- Funny Times (CD)


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They don't have all the slats on the fence anymore! - that's what you might think when you hear the album "Funny Times" by Geier Sturzflug mastermind Friedel Geratsch and his friend Adi Hauke. It is precisely from these fence slats and old cigar boxes that the two build their own instruments, so-called cigar box guitars, or CBG for short. With just one, 3 or a maximum of 4 strings and partly with a broken bottleneck, Friedel Geratsch and Adi Hauke ​​play an exciting sound that runs through the entire album.
Friedel Geratsch, who had a few big hits in the 80s (Gross National Product, Visit Europe, Pure Lust for Life) has written 14 new songs that deal with current issues or timeless stories about love and life. The album "Funny Times" is and sounds as independent, spontaneous and unconstructed as music can be.
Playing tips:
The title song "Funny Times" about conspiracy theories that are spreading more and more, the "Herz macht boom boom boom" played with only one string and an old Samsonite suitcase converted into a bass drum, and the hope-giving ballad "Let it shine"

01 Funny times
02 Hallelujah, that's going to be awesome
03 Closing time
04 Cool down
05 let it shine
06 Which way to go
07 Heart goes boom boom boom
08 Elevator of Life