Friedel Geratsch - Eins kann mir keiner (Mediabook inkl. CD)

Friedel Geratsch - There is one thing that nobody can do for me (Mediabook incl. CD)


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The "elevator of life runs up and down in this book, in the truest sense of the word. Friedel Geratsch's autobiographical work is a study of the environment in the Ruhr area, personal and band history, a story about rise and fall, great successes and serious crises. All this with the sometimes crude ironic attitude that readers should also be familiar with from many of the author's song lyrics, not only for the band Geier Sturzflug, for which he became known as the frontman in the 1980s.

Inner distance from external glamor and a stubborn refusal to take show business seriously have brought Friedel Geratsch through the last few decades unscathed in character, as many sections of the anecdotally structured book prove. They often show stars of yesterday and today from Friedel's very own perspective. Is this book worth reading? Absolutely! So much action is rarely found between two book covers. But it has one side effect: If you read to the end, you'll end up on the dog, guaranteed!

01 From the Ruhr area
02 I'm at home with you
03 Good shoes
04 I give you my heart
05 She won't let go of me
06 Lullaby
07 Welcome to the economic wonderland
08 Those times are over
09 Back to the stars
10 Thank you that's enough
11 My little heart
12 Higher than a sky high
13 red wine
14 returnable bottles
15 Whenever the rain falls