Friedel Geratsch - Mit dem Abstand der Jahre (CD) (6710149972121)

Friedel Geratsch - With the Distance of the Years (CD)


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When you hear the name Friedel Geratsch, many people think of Neue Deutsche Welle and funny songs that, despite everything, always had a deeper message.
Here, on his first solo album, after all he has been playing the guitar since 1964, the Ruhrpottler proves that he is more complex and thoughtful. It's not a "Ja, ne merry" record, you have to listen to the songs in peace, it's not for streaming on the side. We are proud that we can present this record to the (music) world together with Friedel. This is 100% gossip.

»I am in a place between shadow and light« is not just a song line, but a clear description of the location. Sweet melancholy meets powerful, pounding rhythms and captivates from the first to the last note. And all this played on four-string cigar box guitars that Friedel had built himself.
Music couldn't be more honest and earthy. And always think about it, live every moment consciously, »because you can no longer take the milk out of the coffee«.

01 This is how time flies
02 The desert inside me
03 Over the years
04 From the Ruhr area
05 It's hot
06 No blues
07 thousand women
08 Thank you Thank you Thank you