Frog Bog tin tape - we have a flag! (CD)
Frog Bog tin tape - we have a flag! (CD)
Frog Bog tin tape - we have a flag! (CD)

Frog Bog tin tape - we have a flag! (CD)


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On December 31, 2021, the Frog Bog can band will release their new album "Wir ham ne Fahne". Even 30 years after a handful of hard-drinking philistines recorded their debut demo tape "We only laugh when it's really funny" on cassette, the Frog Bog canned tape with its uninhibited nonsense is a constant. First trash, then cult, now avant-garde?

When the weird nonsense troupe from Kloster Oesede presented their CD "Die Polterei auf der Bounty" in 2002, opinions were divided. Weird verses divided the critics. Their music was noisy, it hurt, and yet it was rousing, danceable and passionate. The sales success spoke for the band: without the stupid rockers having a record deal, the band was able to distribute over 5,000 pieces of silver among the people on their own. Unique among all formations in the extended Tecklenburger Land.

After the Frog Bog can band toured from the youth centers to established rock clubs in Germany, they received the attention of the national press. From now on, headlines such as “Party mood with can band”, “Cult at North German festivals” or “Festival madness!” accompanied the fair combo from the southern district of Osnabrück. Today they've been "on the road" for three decades, but far from grown up.

The Frog Bog can line may have changed in 30 years. But it's still the same band. And what a! Music for the masses The themes have not changed with the age of the cans. Her lyrics continued to deal with favorite pastimes, experiences and
fantasies of musicians who don't want to grow up and are brimming with a sense of adolescent humor and smart cleverness. "We make songs that kids and drunk adults can sing together!" says Potato Drase, the band's guitarist.

Anyone who suspects something profound here is wrong. “Our music is like a mirror. If a donkey looks in, no prophet can look out" comments Dr. Dräse, frontman of the fun band. Live, the Frog Bog can band opens a decent barrel. Rocky, loud and full of pure silliness, the 6-strong formation convinces with great enthusiasm, musical wit and a varied repertoire. The stage presence of the likeable ensemble convinces every audience and creates a relaxed atmosphere.

music of the future

Will the North German local fairy tale continue and will the nonsense troupe be able to start again in 2022? Will there be spontaneous show interludes and party attitude paired with drone showers again? Will the double doctor finally get his doctorate? We are excited!

1. We drink with the fat man
2. Work allergic
3. Marianne
4th weekend alcohol
(feat. Heaven)
5. Fairground child Réné
6. I get the clay 1
7. You set me on fire
8. We have a flag
(feat. Mr. Hurley & The Powder Monkeys)
9. Auamann is coming tomorrow morning
10.Dr. pill man
11. Too high
12. I get the clay 2
13. Heat Free
14. Christmas in the face
15. I cream you
16. Pudding and Rambo
17. The clay comes to me 3