Frustkiller - Treibgut (CD) (5871742910617)

Frustration Killer - Flotsam (CD)


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Three busy hooligans, three chords - that's all it took to found Frustkiller in the summer of 1996. Started as a classic punk trio, it was quickly increased to four musicians and since then frustration killers have been hanging around all over Germany and neighboring countries.
Musically, US-oriented punk rock meets a voice that suggests many a night of drinking. Instrumentally far away from the 3-chord scheme of the time, the quartet captivates today with rousing and powerful songs with straightforward lyrics - without much excess and always to the point.

01 flotsam
02 Zahlemann & Sons
03 The moment
04 Serum
05 How it started
06 Hold me tight
07 A life of fear
08 110%
09 Long live the king
10 Polytoxic
11 Mucker Police
12 men of steel