Fürchtegott Zack - Glück Allein (7" Vinyl-Single) (5871801335961)

Fear God Zack - Luck Alone (7" vinyl single)


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I wanted to jump into a clear, deep mountain lake and dive for rocks, Zack said. That was the origin of the band. They met in Hamburg Altona to make music. They played a song and everything changed, magic land. I'm enchanted by the magic of her skill, says Zack.
John Carlson, musical director at several theaters is the creative genius, drummer Hannes Richter on drums influences your heartbeat and Hans on guitar is a virtuoso, is a rock idol... and on board is the wonderful singer Berit Möller.
It's funky, it's classic, it's real, says Zack. Volker Zack, actor, entertainer, singer had his first band at 13, worked with Werner Herzog, Wes Anderson and Quentin Taratino. Music and singing is happiness, says Zack. His lyrics, his songs and the music of the boys is a wonderful combination, groovy, weird, daring, called God Zack. "Happiness alone" an exhilarating sound carrier. The first single. Zack says you can't sit in a smoke sauna in Lapland and swim in the ice hole at the same time. You have to make a decision.
Fear god Zack is an experience. go home happy

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