Gabriele Janneck - Cathedral Music (CD) (5871793569945)

Gabriele Janneck - Cathedral Music (CD)


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The Franconian lutenist Adam Falckenhagen (1697 to 1754) was never to publish new pieces again after his “First Dozen Uplifting Spiritual Songs” had been printed. Years before his death he left his service as court lutenist to Margravine Wilhelmine von Bayreuth.
His last work is stylistically unique - not only within his own body of work, but also in all of lute music. On her new album "Cathedral Music" Gabriele Janneck presents a complete recording of this volume - one of the few, if not the only one so far. Gabriele has been fascinated by these chorale arrangements and the irresistible variations for years.
But she also chose wonderful music for the rest of the album: After she had already recorded a sonata by Esaias Reusner the Younger for her previous album "Stiring with the Silver Tones...", she has now recorded seven of his chorale arrangements. There are also six chorales for Renaissance lutes by Reusner's father. The album title "Cathedral Music" comes from the book "Musick's Monument" (1676) by Thomas Mace.

01 From the bottom of my heart
02 Christ our Lord came to the Jordan
03 I cry out to you out of deep distress
04 Our God is a strong castle
05 O world, I must leave you
06 Keep us, Lord, by your word
07 Glory to God alone in the highest
08 I cry out to you out of deep distress
09 Christ our Lord came to the Jordan
10 Our God is a mighty fortress
11 God wanted to be kind to us
12 It is certainly time
13 Heartily does me desire