Gabriele Janneck-Detring & Martin G. Günkel - 25 Strings (CD) (5871693267097)

Gabriele Janneck-Detring & Martin G. Günkel - 25 Strings (CD)


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The lutenist Gabriele Janneck-Detring and the guitarist Martin G. Günkel play instruments with a total of 25 strings on their first album together. A ten-course Renaissance lute can be heard, i.e. an instrument with nine double and one single string. In addition, there are the six strings of the guitar. Blues and jazz as well as renaissance and baroque music – these and other influences make Gabriele and Martin their very own music.
When they spontaneously played together once, they found the sound of their instruments so appealing that they wanted to do more with it. In a few minutes they had assembled material for a concert program. Pieces from the Renaissance such as the Passamezzo antico or the Passacaglia came to the fore because they were widely used as a basis for improvisation by musicians and thus had a similar function to the twelve-bar blues scheme of today. The sequence of Johann Pachelbel's canon found its way into popular music, and it too used the duo. There are also pieces written by Martin and original literature from the Renaissance.

01 La folia
02 Smile
03 House of the rising sun
04 Passamezzo antico
05 Martin's blues
06 Branle de village
07 Three Pieces from the Rowallen Lute Book
08 canaries
09 Requiem
10 Lullaby
11 Pachelbel's pop ballad
12 absolutely amazing
13 Passacaglia in G minor