Gabriele Janneck - ...rühren mit den Silbertönen...  (CD) (5871743041689)

Gabriele Janneck - ...stir with the silver tones... (CD)


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The lute is perhaps one of the most personal musical instruments. The strings are touched directly with the fingertips and the sound can be shaped accordingly.
Gabriele Janneck has 24 strings available on her baroque lute, the silvery sounds of which offer many possibilities. Gabriele uses this on her new CD to tell stories with timeless baroque music.

Sylvius Leopold Weiss (1687 – 1750):
1. Ciaccone in E flat major
Esaias Reusner (1639 – 1679):
Suite in G minor
2. Allemanda
3. Courante
4. Sarabanda
5. Aria
6th jig
7. Aria II
David Kellner (ca. 1670 – 1748):
Suite in D major
8. Campanella
9. Courante
10. Sarabanda - Double
11. Aria
12. giga