Gabriele & Martin Janneck - 30 Strings (CD) (5871781314713)

Gabriele & Martin Janneck - 30 Strings (CD)


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With a total of 30 strings on the baroque lute and guitar, Gabriele and Martin Janneck are sometimes almost a bit like a mini band, although not nearly as loud. She is characterized by a special intimacy in sound and interaction. Inspired by blues, swing, rock and baroque, the two have created their very own music. This can now be experienced on the album "30 Strings".
The 24 strings of Gabriele's baroque lute range from the high registers to the low registers of a double bass. This magical instrument and Martin's singing acoustic archtop guitar are made for each other. Pure magic unfolds between the musicians and their instruments.

01. Infinite Love
02. Running Home
03. Gabrielle's Tune
04. If We Could Dance
05. Like a Newborn Star
06. Absolutely amazing
07. Like a Dream
08. Konrad's Tune
09. Lullaby
10. Like Moving Clouds