Ganaim - Ceol ón Mhuileann (CD) (5871720530073)

Ganaim - Ceol ón Mhuileann (CD)


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Ganaim take you on a musical journey through time through the most diverse regions of Europe with traditional Celtic folk. With their passionate and dreamy, but also exhilaratingly happy music, they immerse themselves in the foggy forests of Ireland, watch Scottish generals defeat the English crown and dance exuberantly with radiant beauties on the beaches of Brittany on warm summer evenings.
Their songs are traditional pieces from former Celtic settlement areas, which have been handed down over the course of many centuries. With ever new and unique influences, these precious contemporary witnesses of our history were always passed on to the next generations and still bring the events of bygone times to life again today.
How many people could have danced, partied and dreamed to these songs before they were revisited by two artists with a love for authentic and natural music and a passion for traditional acoustic folklore? Pinto, known through the medieval folk group Versengold, is the singer, guitarist and drummer (bodhrán) of the duo.
Together with Saskia on violin, the two musicians release their debut album Ceol ón Mhuileann, which means The Sound of the Mill. Together with a handpicked selection of guest musicians, they dedicate themselves entirely to the tradition of Celtic lore and give the music new, sometimes unexpected and surprising accents with their own ideas. Traditional songs are rearranged in their individual and unique way. A well-known text merges with new melodies, lively songs are interpreted as ballads (or vice versa) and their own musical compositions are added.

01 The Burning Of Auchindoun
02 Get An Dro
03 Johnnie Cope
04 Tre Svenska Valser
05 The Boys Of Bedlam
06 Monaghan's Jig
07 Johnny's Wedding / Tam Lin
08 Viva Galicia
09 Are You Sleeping, Maggie?
10 I'll Tell Me Ma