Ganaim - Public House (CD) (5871765389465)

Ganaim - Public House (CD)


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Ganaim take you on a musical journey through time through the most diverse regions of Europe with traditional Celtic folk. The trio around frontman Pínto succeeds in uniting virtuosic and technically sophisticated folk with an exuberant party mood.
The musicians present this varied mixture with a lot of passion and joy of playing, acoustic folk at its finest! And even those who hear Ganaim for the first time will get their money's worth: the well-known, traditional melodies are intoxicating and invite you to sing and dance along.

01 Star Of The Country Down
02 Mairi's Wedding
03 First Pint At Slattery's (Instrumental)
04 Johnny Jump Up
05 Follow Me Up To Carlow
06 Craic At Kelly's Cellar (Instrumental)
07 The Rocky Road To Dublin
08 Danse A La Guinguette (Instrumental)
09 An Hini A Garan
10 Cena En Las Goteras (Instrumental)
11 The Hills Of Connemara
12 Lovers And Friends