Garage 3 - Blues zum Frühstück (CD) (5871778824345)

Garage 3 - Blues for Breakfast (CD)


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Is there life after a #1 hit? ...yes yes yes now it's time to spit on your hands again...
In the 80s, singer/songwriter Friedel Geratsch landed a No. 1 hit in half of Europe with "Gross National Product", yes yes and now... Garage 3.
"They don't have all the slats on the fence anymore," you might think when you see Garage 3 perform. Friedel Geratsch, the band's singer and guitarist, builds his instruments precisely from these slats and a couple of old cigar boxes. Covered with three or four strings and played with a bottleneck, they are the basis for the rough, unpolished sound of the trio.
The rhythmic foundation for this is provided by drummer Stephan Schott and bassist Tom Baer. Garage 3 is Ruhrpott rock with German lyrics, authentic, independent, handmade.

1. Yeah Yeah Yeah
2. Thank you, that's enough
3. Do your thing
4. The day after
5. Ruhr area blues
6. Easy life
7. The names of women
8. Cry into my beer
9. August again
10. Visit Grandpa
11. Faithful heart and CBG
12. Who can still drive here?
13. It still works
14. Blues for breakfast