Gary G. Orchestra - The Way Of Life (CD) (5871786885273)

Gary G Orchestra - The Way Of Life (CD)


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A new band of very experienced and accomplished musicians formed around the thoroughbred musician, band leader and songwriter Gary G. to form a rock orchestra - the Gary G. Orchestra. The handwriting of the songs and the band convinces with gripping melodies and hooklines, playful, polyphonic parts and a lot of atmosphere and groove.
This results in a varied sound with recognition value and meaningful English and German lyrics with depth. All this combined makes the Gary G. Orchestra an unforgettable sound experience.

1. The Light
2. Movin' On
3. No difference
4. Simone
5. Let The Music Talk
6. Ludwig II - The Last Days
7. Ready
8. We are what we are
9. Like A Child
10. Old Days
11. The Power Of Thoughts