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Vulture Dive - More Like It (CD)


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"Gross national product", "Visit Europe (as long as it still exists)", "Pure lust for life"... who doesn't like to remember the big hits of Geier Sturzflug. Even today, more than thirty years after the great success, the songs still stand for an attitude towards life and for the Neue Deutsche Welle. The songs can be heard at every decent 80s party, inviting you to sing along and rock out.
But Geier Sturzflug has always had more to offer than simple party songs. Texts with depth, in which melancholy also came to light, were one of the important characteristics of their songs. The lyrics are subtle and sometimes sharp-tongued, mostly close to the pulse of the times and yet they all contain their own kind of humorous perspective, never becoming accusatory or even seeming arrogant.
What began in Bochum in 1979 is now finding a new home on the occasion of its 40th anniversary in "More Of It (The Anniversary Album)". The NDW icons have old songs paired with new material here, with a special focus on the hits, of course, which have now been given a new facet in fantastic unplugged versions. Only in these wonderful acoustic versions does it become apparent that the songs were allowed to mature with dignity and seem made for this format. There are also songs that you haven't heard for a long time or even lead to a completely new discovery by Geier Sturzflug, because completely new material has also made its way onto the 20-song cross-section.
They prove that they still create a good atmosphere for generations with their feel-good songs. In times of downloads and streaming, Obergeier Friedel Geratsch and the band consciously opt for a CD, the fan should get something they can touch and feel closer to the band and their music. After all, it's time to celebrate 40 years of Geier Sturzflug, and what could be more fitting than a Rundling that conveys an attitude to life and can thus be pulled off the shelf again and again? More of that? Please...

01 pictures from the sea
02 Those were the days
03 At the port
04 Visit Europe (unplugged)
05 More like this
06 Pure lust for life (unplugged)
07 Shalana
08 intelligence
09 The Queen
10 Solitude (unplugged)
11 The biggest, the best and the most beautiful