Geier Sturzflug und Freunde (unplugged) - Könige der Welt (CD) (5948065022105)

Vulture Swoop and Friends (unplugged) - Kings of the World (CD)


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Geier Sturzflug have now existed for over 35 years and to mark the occasion there is an unplugged album with all hits in new versions. The album also contains a lot of new songs, of course.
Together with some musician friends from the Ruhr area and the Münsterland, the vultures recorded loose, purely acoustic music. Catchy melodies and lyrics to listen to. Exactly the ingredients that have always distinguished Geier Sturzflug.

01 Kings Of The World
02 Are you going with me
03 Pure lust for life
04 Longing for longing
05 The little cork
06 Loneliness
07 Life is for living
08 coal
09 Gross National Product
10 Easy Life
11 August again
12 Caribbean Feelings
13 Visit Europe
14 Write Your Name On My Heart
15 I don't like to say goodbye