Gemkow - Wenn ich einmal groß bin... (CD) (5871781675161)

Gemkow - When I grow up... (CD)


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Drawer open, music in, drawer closed. nope It's not that easy with Gemkow. Because no matter how profound, melancholically dreamy his lyrics are, no matter how multifaceted his music may sound - in the end it's always pop. Sometimes very gently, sometimes the "wall of sound".
Whether it's small anecdotes from his life, the longing for his northern German homeland, the touching ballad about fears and hopes or the denunciation of grievances in our society - Gemkow's textual diversity alone is remarkable. And then there is this one red thread - this extraordinary, melancholic voice, in which you can hear the down-to-earthness of its owner in every syllable. A voice to listen to. Pop to listen to is that! bam! So he just built his drawer himself...

1. Lights
2. Strange species
3. Here
4. Beyond Being
5. In depth
6. Way too tired
7. Never in my life
8. Rock festival
November 9 wind
10. Promised Land