Gentlemen.Music - Footprints (CD) (5871766438041)

Gentlemen.Music - Footprints (CD)


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Gentlemen.Music is a brand new project from the Rhine-Main area, in which the veterans of the Frankfurt music scene Harald Andres and Werner Littau have joined forces and will be bringing their first joint CD production to the market in late summer 2017.
Andres, former singer and composer of the rock formation Second Page, which caused a sensation in the Frankfurt area in the early 1980s with their long groove "Crawler", and Werner Littau, formerly keyboardist, composer and arranger of the Frankfurt rock band Octopus and in the heyday of the NDW Kartenmann at Hubert Kah, met rather by chance at a singer/songwriter slam in which Harald Andres took part. Werner Littau was so impressed by the soulful pieces by Andres, who now lives in the tranquil little Taunus village of Aarbergen-Daisbach, that the idea arose to embed the pieces, originally conceived for vocals and guitar, in Werner Littau's digital soundscapes.
Littau's arrangements now allow the songs, which were once performed acoustically, to appear in a big band sound, but without interpreting their character in a completely twisted way. Twelve pieces were created for the “Footprints” CD, which tell of love, suffering, recognition, diet frustration, or bad little girls and everything that goes with it. Werner Littau's big band sounds, including piano plus Harald Andres' acoustic guitar and his bluesy voice, create an unusual combination – also live – that is rarely found on the music market in this form. Gentlemen.Music – handmade meets high-tech.

1. Caged
2. Blue collar blues
3.Personal Black Hole
4. A New Start
5. Daddy
6. Footprints
7. My Girl From Greece
8. Distant Protection
9. Don't Forget The Donuts
10. Freddy's Gone
11. Lisa
12. Seasons Of Greed