Gentlemusik - Rokn, Roll LUNA (CD)

Gentle Music - Rokn, Roll LUNA (CD)


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"German is my native language. In it I can express myself freely. I can experience my world, describe it, interpret it, despair of it and celebrate with it passionately - just with pictures, thoughts and words in my language.” Gentle music is rock, pop and songwriting.
Emotions, feelings, images or even stories from life accompany his songs. The musical influences come from rock, pop, colored with singer & songwriting.
Gentle music uses many genres and stylistic devices. It describes what we all know. Our life in all its diversity, beauty and contradiction. The 13 songs on the debut "Rokn, Roll LUNA" are colorful, fast, slow, happy or sad.
The album opens with the song "Die Fliege im Mobiliar". Biting satire about our human weaknesses and vanities. Rhythm and Blues, R&B garnished with a pinch of HipHop carry this song.
"I see you standing there" is a ballad. A piano intro opens the song. The music is soon carried by a driving beat, led by a dominant bass line. A spherical sound releases us from the song.
The song is a retrospective glimpse of one's own life. What would have happened if I had chosen this exit and not that one?
“You were like steps without a railing. With black eyes, with deep rims. To see you. But I can, I can't."
"Osnabrück" is actually country with British influence. It describes the love for the hometown.
"I have a one-way ticket back to Osnabrück."
"Without fear" is rock. The guitar with a danceable beat is dominant. The words are spoken rhythmically. The song is a rejection of hate, violence and racism.
Finally, the album ends with the song "One Love". It describes the love for a person and the grief over their loss. A person who can no longer be there. We can't touch him anymore, here in this world.
"Where are you?"
The album ends in this final song with a repetitive guitar sample. The thought of a heartbeat arises while listening. This pulsing ebbs and flows before it stops—abruptly. This is how the album ends. There remain question marks and a curiosity for a continuation of gentle music, grown in the kaleidoscope of these thirteen songs.
Gentle music - Rokn,Roll LUNA - in June 2022.

01 The fly in the furniture
02 1993
03 She spoke she spoke of love and such
04 I see you standing there
05 Tell me why
06 You are my best friend
07 The girl in black
08 Yesterday at the zebra
09 Osnabrueck
10 Black Rain
11 time travel are possible
12 Without fear
13 One love