Georg Edlinger - Nosferatu-Soundtrack (CD) (5871734751385)

Georg Edlinger - Nosferatu Soundtrack (CD)


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The silent film "Nosferatu" was presented as part of the Südfilmfestival! Georg Edlinger composed a 1:40 min long contemporary soundtrack and played it live with vocals, percussion, samples, keyboard and specially created metal tools as well as scrap percussion. He got the singers Tanja Pichler and Josef Ziervogl as guests.

01 theme 1
02 Hypnosis In The Night
03 Foundation Of Threat
04 Shipping Of Secret
05 Pressure Of Pleasure
06 The Message Of Doom
07 Ship Of Terror
08 Seeking Dark Room
09 Funeral Procession
10 emergency meetings
11 City News - Theme 2
12 The City Of Illness
13 The Longing For Each Other
14 Love Decay