Gerontiy Trio - Spanische Reise (CD)

Gerontiy Trio - Spanish Journey (CD)


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You are powerless, in constant stress, with your nerves at the end... You are ambitious, making plans and want to experience something... You are a music lover, an experienced jazz friend or an expert... We will take you on a journey to the sunny Spain!
Stephan Schott (drums and production), Martin Scheer (double bass/e-bass) and Gerontiy Chernyshev (piano and composition) have captured fascinating moments of improvised music for you....
Don't miss the joy-giving sounds of our trio!!!

1. Expectation
2. Pack your bags again
3. On the go
4th next
5. Morning
6. Ascension
7. Castle
8. Boardwalk
9. The sea
10. Farewell
11. Return journey
12. Home again
13. Bonus track: A day in Dortmund (demo)