Get The Cat - The Way To My Heart (CD) (5871780528281)

Get The Cat - The Way To My Heart (CD)


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The way to the heart is not stored on any map, and it is also not so easy to find on Google. "Just get on the road and see were it takes you" is the solution Get The Cat offers to this problem on their new album. That's exactly how they approached it.
After a line-up change and a baby break, they met in the studio and recorded 12 songs in just a three-day session with Gero Körner as a guest. The result is 60 minutes of music full of joy in playing and musical ability. 60 minutes that find their way straight to the heart. The warm voice of Melanie Bartsch paved the way for this, and nobody can resist her charm. She is carried and accompanied, guided and directed by Jens Filser's magical guitar playing. Both as an accompanist and as a soloist, he impresses with his virtuosity and taste. The exceptional guitarist of the German blues scene unfolds his entire ability in this band. The highlight of the encounter is the duet "Proove Me Wrong", in which Jens Filser also convinces as a singer. The path is paved by the down-to-earth rhythm work of drummer Bernd Oppel and bassist Till Brandt.
It doesn't matter whether the road goes in the direction of New Orleans, Memphis or California, the two roll out the asphalt so skilfully that every verse, every solo, every fill comes into its own. The 12 songs on the CD were all penned by the bass player, Till Brandt. It quickly becomes clear: the way to the heart is through the blues. From the classic slow 12-bar to rocky tones to the jazzy final ballad, the blues always shines through. Get the Cat is a 21st century blues band that assimilates and embraces many influences.
This is how something surprising arises when Get The Cat gathers the soul and rock & roll relatives at one table under the chairmanship of progenitor Blues. Modern and at the same time traditional, full of surprises and yet familiar, the band introduces itself and plays right into the heart of lovers of blue tones.

1. My Old Pair Of Boots
2. The Way To My Heart
3. When My Ship Comes In
4. If I Ain't Got You
5. I've Got A Plan
6. Prove Me Wrong
7. I Lost A Dollar In Your Kitchen
8. It's Not Enough
9. I Just Wanna Dance
10. Walk The Extra Mile
11. God's Got A Big Umbrella
12. Brother's Keeper