Giftwood - Gravity of Time (CD) (5871784198297)

Giftwood - Gravity of Time (CD)


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What do the woods of the Giftwood Forest tell us? The songs by the two singer-songwriters Jörg Szameitat and Mike Kolb primarily arouse the listener's associations and memories. The strong branches of their harmonies, the dense canopy of their guitars say more than the lyrics alone. Wolfgang Völkl's sparkling piano runs and accordion carpets run through the folky-rocking songs like silvery brooks, the precise rhythm section around Wolfgang März and Wutschgo grooves in the undergrowth.
The icing on the cake is Kolb and Szameitat's finely woven Simon & Garfunkel vocals, which have washed themselves clean. To say that Giftwood's music is "only" folk rock is not enough: sometimes funk creeps into the arrangements, sometimes a jazzy piano line or a reggae guitar; the accordion then alternately reminds of alpine forests, the wide sea or the swamps of Louisiana.
Giftwood take this music – Forest Rock as it is called by Giftwood – which sometimes seduces you to indulge, sometimes even to dance; themselves not so much, which is why there is room for nonsense between the songs at concerts. In autumn 2018 her new album "Gravity of Time" will be released, which is more serious and, if you will, a little grimmer than her earlier works.
In terms of sound, there are many new discoveries to be made in the Giftwood cosmos; After all, it is the first work with Wolfgang Völkl on various keyboard instruments. Of course, the typical Giftwood elements are still there: catchy melodies, two-partharmony vocals and sheer joy of playing. A clear further development, in which Giftwood still remain true to itself.

1. Every Summer Ends Too Soon
2. Poison Ivy (feat. Bobmila)
3. Crash pilots
4. The Sparrow And The Crow
6. The Season Of The Changing Light
7. That Worst October (For Tom Petty)
8. Runnin' Round (Helicopterus Bacterius)
9. My Heart
10. The Waiting
11. Captain Of The Guard
12. Done Fighting
13. Every Only One